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10 Fun Twitter Applications

Twitter, micro blogging site became a runaway success. easy to use interface, site expansion and growing popularity has inspired developers to build some great Twitter application. Here is a list if the top 10 Twitter applications that are not only interesting but also practically.

1 Twitticious
Built Alex Girard to Twitter application has a graphical user interface, but has become an absolute necessity for those who wish to link your Twitter posts with Delicious account. The program routes your tweets to your Delicious account, a feature that helps you to designate groups and Tweets later. Although, no Twitticious off service, though, Alex was a makeshift program, so that the reader feedback can also be routed to your Delicious account.

2 Social Comic Book
This program is Tim Wintle's idea. This program connects Flickr and Twitter Flickr photos by dragging and making comics with six panels. Tweets serve as a description of the Flickr photos. Sometimes, some tweets do not find relevant images that are linked to each other, but this program is fun to use.

3 Twitterment
buzz monitoring system that compares the news for two search strings. Buzz crawlers and statisticians find this application attractive. You can check out the comparison between the two key phrases.

4 TwittyTunes
This program allows you to share your tunes with their followers.

5 Flotzam
Built Tim Aidlin and Karsten Januszewski for MIX07, Flotzam initially named as Flitterbook combines Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. The application is available for PC users as a download file.

6 Twit Bin
This application is a Firefox extension that displays all of your friends' tweets in the sidebar. Applications can be configured and works fine in droves browser.

7 Remember the Milk
Remember the Milk, or RTM is alert service that notifies web services such as iGoogle and Google Calendar on your link up as soon as you add the RTM as a friend. The best feature of this program is that there are certain commands that update the lists soon. Commands can be sent to RTM through Twitter.

8 Squawk
Sigh to integrate social networking sites such as Second Life game with Twitter. The introductory how-to video makes installation easier moan.

9 Twitter Atlas
Built by Fresh Logic Studios, Twitter tweets Atlas collects from users around the world and it shows on the map. The new status messages every six seconds and a toolbox gives you the option to choose from different views. Microsoft Virtual Earth Spectacular graphics add to its charm. This program also allows users to search for events happening around the world, find directions and seek the services and trade. These features have made ​​Twitter Atlas one of the top 10 Twitter Apps.

10 Twapper
Twapper links to your Twitter account 30Boxes calendar. This program allows you to post tweets from your phone or via the Internet directly into your calendar.

Using this top 10 Twitter applications can enrich your experience and make Twitter tweeting more fun.

Website Design - The First Step

This first tutorial will give you a basic overview of various aspects of the web site and purpose of many different languages ​​available for use.

languages​​, which will be included in the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. The first short and hopefully easy definitions of each language.

HTML - scaffolding and content of the page


CSS - Where the content is and how it will appear (style ).

JavaScript - Static vs. dynamic content content, ie it is what makes a content change or move around


PHP - Web page generation, the processes that make the site do something like calendars, or e-mail


mySQL - a place to store content that will be used later, or comments, blog articles, etc.

HTML is a markup language called because it does not really do anything, but tells the browser how to process the page. You may have heard of XHTML which is the same as HTML, but strict. This means that in HTML, where you could use the tag - keywords surrounded you could use that keyword and do little. However, the XHTML tag must be lowercase. Eg Vs.


HTML is a markup language, which means stop or in this case the 'tags' used to indicate differences in the content. Tags are surrounded by parentheses. All HTML tags must be closed through / or like the above example, or in some cases in which there is no content to be surrounded by a tag such as break and put it in the end.

There are two main parts of the HTML document head and body the head is in charge of "meta" information or content that is not in the body of the page. One example is the title or text found in the upper right corner of your browser. All are located in the body will be displayed in the viewing area of the browser.


While a number of HTML tags ramification of the page content, CSS also acts as a container HTML content. There are several ways to determine what is the HTML content of the CSS. One example is. Any content surrounded by ... tags in the style accordingly. Although it is possible to style HTML content within an HTML document (inline styles), it is considered bad programming practice. better methods to provide unique identifiers for HTML content and use external style to determine how the content should be formatted.

Simply put, CSS acts as a way of identifying elements within the HTML document, and styling them accordingly. Two main methods is done with class and ID identifiers. An example of their use ... . ID specifies an HTML / CSS elements. classes can be determined much more. ID is unique, not classes. After the div id in an external style sheet can be a reference accordingly.

# Div1 {text-align: center;}

This tells the browser that anything found inside the div with id Div1 should be center aligned.


JavaScript is difficult to understand, because the Web page was viewed by a browser, a lot different than how one views the web page. Although this is an advanced concept, understanding it before learning JavaScript JavaScript will make much easier to use. browser follows what is called the DOM, or Document Object Model. Each element is displayed in a browser connected to a large tree structure. JavaScript can be used to walk up and down this tree to change the different branches and leaves of the tree.

One simple example of this. Remember the HTML part, which is one of the key parts of the HTML document. So you can think of as the top of the tree. If an element in the body is like a branch coming from the top of the tree on that element, and it connects. Now, when this connection you can use JavaScript to be able to change what is in the branch.

the language is very similar to C and is fairly easy to learn. What is difficult is understanding how to navigate around the DOM to make dynamic web pages.


with an understanding of HTML / CSS / JavaScript that can create interactive web pages. But what if you want to be able to save content that gives viewers your site, or comment. most basic use of PHP is that the content is received from the HTML page and put it in a MySQL database.

database as an Excel spreadsheet, or a bunch of rows and columns that are able to hold many types of information. PHP and MySQL are the most common combination of letters and free / language database on the web right now.

is considered PHP scripting language. This is because it is compiled, or does not exist. Exe, or executable and if youyou work the program on your desktop . Instead, when the web page should something happen to call PHP script that is immediately interpreted by the server that is hosting the website.

This is an important aspect that distinguishes PHP / mySQL from other languages​​. PHP / mySQL are running a server or computer to your computer, downloaded from the website. HTML / CSS / JavaScript are run after files are downloaded to your computer by your computer through your browser.

This link has many important and serious consequences. One of them is that you only have one shot to pull content from the server. Once the page is downloaded to download something else you must restart the server to get fresh content. There are several ways to do this, either seeking a new page or by using JavaScript.


Some final terminology is the background in relation to the frontend. Frontend is what handles the host (your) computer via a browser. This is done with HTML / CSS / JavaScript. You went to the url and the server (computer) has sent you some documents. Your browser is looking at these documents and figure out what they say (HTML) and make them appear (CSS). If you want to move the content to use JavaScript.

is the backend server can do everything, this includes the provision of HTML / CSS / JavaScript documents to send e-off. This is done via PHP, and if any content to be stored is stored using the MySQL database.

I hope to have provided a basic understanding of different languages ​​and aspects of the site.

Four Powerful Features of JavaScript Programming Language

In a community web developers and surfers, JavaScript is very popular as a client-side scripting language for web browsers. In any web application, JavaScript can be used to implement simple features such as rollover images, as well as asynchronous requests to the server using Ajax. A few years back when flash was not so popular, JavaScript is widely used to add nice effects to web pages and is still used for the same purpose. Let's look at some of the features of this language.

1) Browser support: to access Flash content, you need to install flash plugin in your browser. But how to use JavaScript, you must not use any supplement at all. This is because all browsers accept JavaScript as a scripting language for them and provides integrated support for it. All you need to do is to handle some of the tasks that are dependent on the DOM (Document Object Model) correctly in different browsers.

2) Can be used on the client side and server-side: As we approach the JavaScript Document Object Model Browser, you can actually change the structure of the web page at runtime. Therefore, JavaScript can be used to add flavor to your Web site. On the other hand, JavaScript could be used on the server side as well. For example, Alfresco, which is a popular open source content management system enterprise, JavaScript is used tothe creation webscripts . This makes adding custom tasks in the open is very simple.

3) A functional programming language: In JavaScript, functions can be assigned to variables just like any other kind of data. Not only that, but the function can accept another function as parameter, and can also restore function. You can have a function without a name, as well. Clearly, this gives you the opportunity to be in a functional programming style.

4) Support for objects: JavaScript is an object-oriented language. However, the way JavaScript deals with objects and inheritance is a bit different from conventional object-oriented programming languages ​​such as Java. Therefore, it supports most of the JavaScript object-oriented concepts, while simple to learn and use.

These are some of the features provided by JavaScript's ability to handle simple and complex tasks. Because of this, JavaScript has remained as the most popular programming language for a long time. It is also a good language for people who want to learn computer programming as it supports object-oriented concepts as well as function and use it, you just need a browser and editor.

Writing For Money at Demand Media Studios

Enter "Demand Media Studios"in your browser and get the results range from people who like and demand from those who hate demand. However, the platform which is only slightly more than four years, they are a leader in creating web content. Demand Media Studios hires a professional freelance writers to create content for features such as eHow.com, Cracked.com, LIVESTRONG.com, Trails.com, Golflink, Answerbag.com com and. Perform a search on just about any topic, and chances are Demand Media Studios article will appear in the first page of Google. process and the factors behind the scenes, the Demand Media Studios recommend the place for any freelance writer.

How it works

Writers login Demand Media Studios and take their "workdesk. From here, the writer clicks on a tab to find the titles of articles. Titles cover a wide range of topics in various formats. quantity of titles based on what the printer properties has been approved in writing. After the title was claimed, the writer creates an article on average 500 words and includes references to high-quality copies of the facts from reputable sources. The writer then submits an article will be reviewed by the editors of content, more commonly known as the CE within the community.

CE reviews the article to determine whether it is ready for publication. He or she makes minor changes to the piece or it sends back a writer for the recommended changes. writer, of course, there are options if the article was sent back for revision. After the article is accepted, he receives payment within four days on average.

Chapter Pool

Because of the wide range of properties in the Demand Media Studios is stable, there is a wide range of titles from which to choose. Most new writers start writing for eHow covering topics such as home improvements, gardening, crafts, and repair of cars just to name a few. number of titles available for the writer is just as dependent on the properties have been approved in writing. On average there are more than 150,000 titles on any given day.


Demand Media Studios a few specific formats for writers .. Each shape has set the payment threshold. To that list of articles usually pay $ 15.00 per article. Facts and Decision formats Garner $ 7.50 per article, while the tips to pay $ 3.00 per paper. a variety of formats and titles to provide a steady stream of work available to freelance writers, at any time.


content editors to Demand Media Studios, or the greatest people on the planet, or spawns of Satan, depending on who you ask. The reality is that the CEs are "gatekeepers, " allowing only publishable articles pass. CEs are reviewed by the editorial staff on a regular basis and are held to stringent standards. Problems often arise when there is room for interpretation in the guidelines. There are many discussions in which writers feel CEs require unreasonable demands, myself included. The reality is that you will come from very different backgrounds and each has its own specific interpretation. Overall, the CES to offer valuable advice to the writer to improve not only the current article, but it is also writing.l.


One aspect of demand Media Studios, which few, if any, other content sites offer the ability to rewrite the application or appeal the rejection. The process itself is not the best, but it is the second time to receive instruction or even a guide to help CE in this process. None of us are perfect, but there are times when we are able to learn from the disputes and improve the overall process. The appeals process may reveal that the prescribed request was not justified. In this case, the editorial staff will refer to issues concerning the future of this problem would not arise with other paper or the writer. You May find that although the appeal was upheld, but you get the feedback to improve your own writing process. As frustrating as the processing and rejection can be, it is important to always grab that nugget of knowledge that your writing the next level.


Demand Media Studios is doing what no other page content, or a private customer does not pay and that twice a week. This one aspect is enough to warrant them as a client in a stable when you are. In two years I wrote for Demand Media Studios, there were only two instances when pay did not come on time. One was the failure of the PayPal end, and the other was a small problem in the system. But even then, payment was made the next day.

Total, Demand Media Studios is a freelance writer, a place that can rely on for steady work and steady pay. That does not mean it should be just the place you're writing. As I said before, never put all your eggs in one basket. But the flip side of the coin is that if you want to have a base to work with it is steady and growing, Demand Media Studios is a place of

Site Analytics Basics

if your website traffic is going bad or online marketing is great,you to know how and why this is happening . This is where you come in. site analytics

Site Analytics is a tool that generates data about visitors to your website and what they are doing on your site. It will even tell you what the content and do they work well or harming your site. So if your serious about monetizing your site analytics tool has from the moment your site is live or online.

It's great to use Google Analytics, but just like anti-malware tools, it would be wiser to always use two. In this way, you're safer to see what others miss.

What Can Google Analytics you may

These are the types of information generated by Google Analytics:

1 Read Information on new and loyal returning visitors or

2 An absolute unique visitors, information about your first time visitors

3 Page Views, information about what content to your site are visited

4 Weather on the Web information on the length of time your visitors spend on your site

5 Bounce Rate-says that the percentage of visitors who have taken just look at your page and then leave you to explore.

6 Direct Traffic-data on the number of visitors who came through a URL or web address in their web browsers

7 Referring Sites-this may be the most important information you can get. This is where you'll learn which of your links gives you the most traffic.

8 Search engine-another important fact which you can find out what keywords your visitors use to find your site, so you can concentrate on those keywords and promote it.

9 Landing pages or content pages from which visitors come to visit your site.

Now compare those with the features you'll get from other commercial Analytics tool:

~ SEO online training

~ smart keyword marketing

~ automated link popularity building

~ Website Optimization for SES

~ adjustable and precise Rank and Backlink reports

~ website error for problem solving and usability testing

Now I do not think it's that simple. The larger your business is online, the more you should study all the details of analytical information. Large companies hire employees or freelancers to analyze analytics (no pun ).

I propose to concentrate on traffic sources, because the line traffic to any web page. This is how and where your visitors and customers know why they should visit your site.

There are so many free analytics applications that you can use, but just be careful - some spyware installed on their number. WebCEO use with Google Analytics, and until now, no problem.

Why is My PC Running So Slow?

Is your computer running slower than my old Vic 20? Getting strange error messages? Is it Windows, including individual programs, taking forever to load or even crash? There are several reasons why your computer is running so slow. Fortunately, there are steps you can do to determine why your computer is running so slow, while at the same time increasing the computer speed, performance and reliability.

    Spyware : This malicious software can certainly slow down your computer spyware is not as it is designed to run efficiently. Spyware is computer software that is installed without user consent to take partial control over user interaction with the computer. While anti-virus software detects most spyware, it does not detect all malware. You must have anti-spyware software to detect and remove spyware. Some Internet security experts actually suggest you have Spybot Search & Destroy, as well as two other anti-spyware programs are installed to detect and remove any spyware on your computer. The window is actually Vista includes Windows Defender, a free anti-spyware program. It's also good to know that Spybot Search & Destroy and other anti-spyware software can be downloaded for free on the Internet. computer viruses : This malicious software can certainly have a negative impact on the speed of your computer. A computer virus is a malicious computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the owner. If you are connected to the Internet, it is crucial that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer. There is actually a free anti-virus software available for download online for detecting and removing computer viruses and other malicious programs. There are also free free online virus scans available. Do not forget to ensure that the anti-virus software up-to-date, as new computer viruses and other malicious software are created everyday. Anti-virus software is really only as good as the last update. Hard disk whole mess : If you've surfed a limit is called the World Wide Web for any length of time, you very well have a hard disk is full browser cache, temporary files, duplicate files, etc. Windows actually keeps a copy stored on your hard drive from any Web sites visited, files downloaded, etc. This mess can really reduce the performance of your computer and speed over time, as well as a real threat to Internet security. A few years ago, I found software that permanently and securely delete files on your hard disk. This software, known as CyberScrub Privacy Suite, offers a free 15-day fully functional trial. I have this program installed on my computer. In fact, the first time that I used CyberScrub Privacy Suite, I deleted more than 4 GB browser cache, temporary files, etc. off my hard drive. This dramatically increased my PC speed and performance. register to be cleared : Windows errors can certainly slow down your computer. I highly recommend Registry Mechanic to clean your registry errors, duplicate files, file, and the rest of the uninstall software on your computer. Recently, my father told me that his computer is running slow lately. I installed and ran Registry Mechanic. It immediately increased its speed and performance. hard disk needs defragmenting : Finally, defragging your hard drive can certainly contribute to a computer running slow. Fragmentation occurs when operating system breaks the file into pieces because there is not enough space left on device for file storage, where it was originally saved. How to defragment your hard drive using Defrag utility in Windows 98, M, XP and Vista. Be advised that it is time consuming endeavor, sometimes taking several hours.

As you can see, there are several factors that can contribute to a computer running slow. It should be reassuring to know that there are several steps you can take to speed up slow computer, but also increase performance and reliability.

Simple Steps to Wiser Web Sites

business web site is necessary, but if it does not reflect your business and brand, it can do more harm than good. This critical sales tool must be made ​​carefully and consistently updated. Review the following tips to see if your web site need a marketing makeover.

1 Personality Plus - their passion and personality to shine through the design and copy, and your brand message should be consistent. When your site looks, that first impression to set up an appropriate tone for the content they are about to view. For most people, hiring a professional designer and copywriter is worth the investment, saving hours of frustration and lost customers. They will channel your personality and enthusiasm for the materials that speak to customers and prospects, and provide the necessary objectivity.

2 Copy Right - Keep a copy of the item, enjoyable to read, and not send mixed messages. For example, if you're a lawyer, your website needs to convey his experience and professionalism, even if your friends think you're the life of the party. Those in creative fields have a website to make it clear that you have a great design sense, but I also know how to integrate design with the best on-line business practices. Provide frequent paragraph breaks, and if visitors have to scroll too far down the page, consider a large edit, or move some of this extra copy of the page. In general, less is more.

3 Buried Treasure - You May Have great content on your site, but visitors can find it? Logical navigation and easy-to-find links and buttons go a long way in keeping visitors on your site, rather than clicking on and off in frustration. In addition, a link to pages that are listed in the body copy. Many sites have video now, but keep it hidden, and provide no mention of it. Have a designated space on his homepage for his latest video, or link to it. Video has a high "stickiness" factor, so if you have it, make it easy to find!

4 Proof Positive - Edit, edit, edit. There is no easier way to visitors and prospective buyers that do not run a tight ship than typos, misspellings and grammatical errors full throughout your site. You May think that it is not so important, but often these little details that give visitors a reason to doubt their professionalism. Put your high school English class's ability to work (or hire an editor) and to clean up.

5 Related to - same goes for the links. Make sure they work, but in fact the visitors where they think they'll go. Test them often use both Mac and PC, but at least the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Again, if the visitor encounters a broken link, it's far too easy to move to the next page or task.

6 Background Check - Why wear the visitors as they try to decipher its 10-point white text on a black background, while the animated logo rotates in the corner? Use light-colored background, dark text and keep the bells and whistles to a minimum. Your visitors will thank you (and spend more time on your site ).

7 Sound Advice - Use audio with great caution (believe me, most people do not think it's cool), and do not ever start audio unexpected. Make a surprise on your site a pleasant one. great use of audio with podcasts that visitors click on the purpose to hear what you have to say.

8 User friendly - OK, that's great Google ads bring visitors to your site to skim the content and decided that yes, he does not want to sign up for your newsletter or purchase your product. Hurray! Do not blow it by making you sign up or purchase process too difficult. Newsletter sign ups should not require much personal information. Retail sites should make it easy for customers to determine the total cost of the item by providing a table or a fast connection to calculate tax and shipping. Frustration is usually followed quickly click off your site.

9 Call Me - Playing hard to get may be your dating strategy, but it is a terrible web strategy. Put your business information on each page, where it is easy to find a contact. In addition, you should contact the site that provides all the methods people can use to get you there. Make it easy for visitors to contact you, then listen and respond to them when they do.

10 The aim of Eye - Ask someone whose opinion you trust (which does not work for you or share your bank account) to view your site, and listen to their comments without interrupting or getting defensive. Some things that May be difficult to hear, but it is the best way to catch potential problems before you lose visitors forever. Like any art, you're close to it and reviewed it too many times to be objective. If possible, hosted focus groups with several people who resemble your customer base, and prepare a simple questionnaire for them to meet as they review your site.

a few simple changes can take your website from Ho Hum to humming along. See this list every few months and make the necessary maintenance to ensure your website works as hard as possible to convert visitors into buyers.


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